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    About Us

    Rock999 could be a crypto-token that's being given to any or all users of Universe.

    it's price one thing, and is even rising in worth. that is all right down to the actual fact that 'you' square measure valuable, and once there square measure one hundred million of 'us' connected during a network that's improbably valuable. simply inspect Bitcoin as a rule of thumb - Bitcoin contains approximately ten million holders and has a capitalization of $100 billion (as of October 2017) - that means a per user worth of $10,000. If we have a tendency to square measure correct, which means the worth ofRock999 may rise dramatically as a lot of and a lot of folks build claims.

    The current version permits you to send and receive Rock999 with zero dealings fees together with your Facebook friends. before long we'll be emotional practicality which means you'll be able to do constant together with your Twitter followers. Next can return the power to transfer Rock999 with the other user simply by causation to their email address.

    We are a well-known player in the field of green energy. We are very active in the export of the electric vehicle in east Europe and North America. We want to be significant player in to green and clean energy segment.Fund from the ICO will be strictly utilized to enhance the distribution networks of electric vehicle,electric cycle and promotion of solar energy across the state. We are keenly exploring the R & D facilities. We want to be clean and green super market all possible verticals.

    Rock999 is all concerning recognizing your worth, and giving it back to you. we have a tendency to hope you be a part of European States by claiming your Rock999, that could be a rare factor - a free and safe investment.

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    Crypto currencies, including value tokens, are a new and largely unregulated asset class. This asset class and the crypto currencies are subject to large fluctuations in value. You need to be sure that you understand the risks and are comfortable with them. These risks include but are not limited to your financial situation and risk tolerance. Token Room encourages you to do your own research and speak to a Financial Advisor, or other registered professional if you are unsure if investing in crypto assets is right for you. Although we are a Registered Financial Services Provider, the content of the Token Room website is not intended to be taken as investment advice. Our banking providers do not transfer crypto currencies or provide any services connected with crypto currency trading. Token Room accepts no responsibility for any losses incurred by the purchase or sale of value tokens and crypto currency. [Note : Rock999 wallet in hardware and mobile will be develop before closing date of ICO. rock999 token will be transfer directly from block chain wallet to individual investor wallet.]